Dave B. – Maryland, US

January 15, 2012

Queen Anne Tea Caddy

(Hand Tool School Semester 2, Project 2)

It was a great project and the moulding planes performed superbly. It was such a good learning experience that I’m now working on a Pennsylvania Spice Cabinet out of walnut and I’ll be making more mouldings. More to follow.

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November 30, 2011

These are my first two mouldings after watching the HTS lesson. It wasn’t near as hard as I thought it would be and the planes performed superbly. Can’t wait to apply these to some projects.

10 thoughts on “Dave B. – Maryland, US”

  1. Looks good Dave! Both look very uniform.

  2. It must be the bench that made it so easy. Love that sweet Douglas Fir!

  3. Bob Rankin said:

    To make that profile did you have to use the planes in a particular order?

    I’d hate to hit one of those metal bench dogs, you’ll have to get a couple of the wooden ones Chris has now.

  4. I did use them in a particular order. In each of these mouldings, they were exercises from Shannon Rogers’ Hand Tool School, and he shows how to lay them out using the profile of the moulding itself on the end grain, followed by a series of rabbets and finally the mouldings themselves. Before these I had never stuck mouldings and it was alot easier than I thought. Between Shannon’s instruction and the great performance of these planes, you can’t go wrong.

    Will definitely have to look at getting some of these new bench dogs

  5. Hi Dave!

    That’s a beautiful tea caddy…well done! I don’t know, you said you were surprised how easy it is…I’m not convinced…looks far too nice to be easy! 😉 Say, on the top of your caddy, did you profile each edge of a single block, or build it up with strips of molding attached? Just curious.

    Keep up the good work!
    – Derek

  6. The top of the caddy is made up of multiple parts. The bottom-most roundover and cove is on top of a 1″ piece of stock. The top piece that holds the handles is a floating panel surrounded by a 1/4″ roundover. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  7. i came online to find ideas for a box to make… and now I fall in love with this one…… GGrrrRReeEaAaATTtt…. 😉

  8. Not sure if you’re a member of The Hand Tool School, but these are the types of things that are projects. Shannon’s videos walk you through all the skills necessary for the project, and then has videos actually making them. For those of us who can’t get to woodworking classes, this type of learning is priceless. To top it all off, you then have toolmakers like Time Warp Tool Works who can then come in and fill a needed void of providing tools to make these type projects.

  9. You certainly make it look easy, Dave!

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